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The apple harvest begins around the first of September when the Gala, Molly Delicious and McIntosh varieties ripen and goes until November when the Cameo and Granny Smith are finished. Apples are tree ripened and then harvested by hand on a daily basis. The apples are cleaned on a state of the art  wash line and then  sorted for defects and put into bushels for transport to the apple shed. We try to keep at least three varieties in the shed at all times so that our customers can mix and match what they need. SORRY, DUE TO ORCHARD LIABILITY WE CAN NOT OFFER U- PICK.


1/2 Peck Bag           $8.00

          1 Peck Bag         $15.00   


1/2 bushel and full bushel available on request    

  Growing an apple crop is a year round activity. The actual selling season starts approximately September first when the first three varieties ripen on the trees. We try to keep at least three varieties in the apple shed to give our customers a good choice. A tree ripened apple should provide a "snap" when it is eaten unlike produce sold in the store that is often times year old fruit. After the sales season and over winter we trim our trees to allow sunlight in and spray them with a dormant oil to kill overwintering pests. Spring brings forth the buds and flowering. Very little spraying is done at this time in order to protect the bee hives we have on site. After petal drop we then do a spray program primarily to control blight and apple scab. This activity stretches back into the selling season. All of the work is done by hand to enhance the quality of the fruit picked. We hope that you will enjoy the fruits of our labor.

                 in Cassopolis, Michigan

                                       Aug.         Sept.         Oct.          Nov.

 Gala                                        *    *    *   
 Molly Delicious                    *    *   *
 McIntosh                                *    *   *             
 Jonathons                             *    *   *
 Red Delicious                              *   *   *           
 HoneyCrisp                                  *   *   *
 Northern Spy                               *   *   *
Courtland                                                 *    *   *

 Fuji                                                            *    *   *
 Granny Smith                                               *   *   *
 Yellow  Delicious                                         *   *   *
Pink Ladies                                                         *   *     *

 Cameo                                                                 *   *     *

  All dates are tentative based on the weather during the        growing season.
  The new plantings of Pink Ladies and Cortland are just starting to produce (it takes 5 years!). Look for them in the Apple Shed.


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